I’m having a portion of take-out because our fridge died today.

Yup. Everything in our fridge went to either the compost or garbage & recycling. I don’t even want to think about the money lost in all my mustards and time spent making relishes and sauces.

I do admit, it’s sort of an eye opener! How much do we rely on refrigeration? A lot! All my frozen food is gone. I’m thankful I’m at the tail end of my cleanse because I just threw away a few pounds of frozen fruits! 😦

Maybe I can take something away from this fiasco. Like, hey, I think if I can prepare fresh ingredients for meals, that’s a good thing! If I want to make a sauce, I have to create it from scratch. There’s a lot of preservatives in our foods to make them last longer, but is that always best? Convenient, but not always the best for our bodies, perhaps.


Here’s a pic of tonight’s take-out!
Baba ghanouch, chicken and cucumbers with tomatoes. 😉


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