This was the type of day I had. Sunny and lush!


Green was the color of the day, so I steamed broccoli and cauliflower.


I also made a spicy, sweet, red pepper and mango coulis/sauce and it was smooth and delicious. Added broth and a dollop of coconut cream to round out the flavors.


I made 3 salmon en papillote. Stuffed each parchment parcel with a slice of salmon, sliced turnip, steamed cauli&broccoli and slice of red bell pepper. Sprinkled Williams-Sonoma lemon herb spice and some freshly ground black pepper.


Folded and baked for 20 min on 425(degF).

Meanwhile, I made wild rice with a dried chipotle. Then sautéed the grains with red onion, red bell pepper, cumin and chili powder.

I was so hungry, I also baked some yam slices.


I forgot that I steamed some baby carrot and string beans, too! The extra papillote is for my lunch tomorrow! Unless hubby steals it 😉


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