Hmmm. Seems the fridge is out of commission.

Went to grab some mineral water and the bottle felt warm. I checked the freezer and saw a melted banana, all my bags of frozen fruits all mushy looking and wet.

First thing that came to my mind was, “Eat everything! But most of the foods were meat sauces, frozen pasta, frozen veggies and fruit. All my fruit bars turned into packets of sweet liquid and a few frozen fish flopped over prompting me to dispose of any meats.

I did salvage a frozen Cornish game hen and a chicken carcass. I’m making chicken stock right now, actually.

I’m also sterilizing my hemp bag for the sprouting lentils experiment. Just boiling it in water for 5 minutes.

Well, I had a snack.


Found half a cucumber and some kimchi. Added a 1/3 cup of rice for a little snack. Many of my ziplocked frozen fruit were not in freezer safe bags, so I had a pretty purple mess going on where the cherries and raspberries resided.


I couldn’t waste it! Turned them into a cold beverage and that was it. Called hubby to bring home a cooler and some ice. It may be a really weird dinner night, but I’m determined to stick to my cleanse-friendly foods.


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