Beets! I forgot I had cooked beets! I was dreading a shake for lunch, just because it’s such a nice day and I wanted a longer “lunch” experience.

Looking for a beet soup recipe, I definitely wanted something cold and not hot. I found a lot of yummy looking borscht recipes, but I lacked dill and cucumber. (Actually, I did find one half cucumber, but when I put my hand in the bag to take it out… well, let’s just say, I could feel it was beyond edible.)

So, I did have duck eggs, a lot of other herbs from my garden, and some salad greens. I also had half a red bell pepper, so I blended the beets and the bell, added coconut water to thin out, laid a garnish of boiled/chopped duck egg, scallions, chive, red onion and parsley and mixed everything together.
I know I should have kept the beet water or added more, but the thicker consistency was nice for today’s first try.



After ladling the blended soup to the garnishes, I again added some sliced arugula and baby spinach. I figured if I was going to be inspired, I was going to go crazy!


I had more garnishes, so I added them on top. Tasted and salted/peppered/ added red chili flakes. Tasted again and ventured a little Chinese black vinegar. Tasted again with a dash of Tobasco. (heehee)

That was that.



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