It hasn’t rained for at least 2 weeks but I find the trail that gives my backside a mud-stripe. Arghh. Like all my clothing, I always WANT to wear white, but never SHOULD.


I had acupuncture and sports massage /chiropractic today. I was supposed to take my ride today “easy” since my joints are settling back in place. (my hips were rotated again and causing me some lower back pain.)

I was taking it easy, really.. It’s just those pesky hill climbs are horrible and I want them to be finished with quickly. 🙂

Today, I felt good. Relaxed and refreshed from my treatments, so I think today’s ride was successful. The ride always hurts, but I never burned my quads climbing, didn’t seize up my hammies, and I just kept my snails pace granny gear whenever it got super steep.

I may have finished the ride more aggressively because my shoe was soaked with mud and water because I underestimated how deep a puddle was. I actually chose a fairly large rut to ride through, hoping that it would be an easy spin-through.

Wrong. I got stuck with my back wheel in a 10″ deep mucky mess and had to put my foot down to get out. Why not avoid the puddle? Poison oak!! Both sides of the trail. Poison Oak is to me, is like FIERY HELL-ITCH on EARTH. Mud, in comparison is like puffball clouds drizzling little raindrops. I will always choose mud, ruts, running over insects, and sliding into gravel over poison oak.

So, since I rode and hubby rode, we are getting Japanese take-out! I’m tired of cooking, so I’m ordering sashimi with brown rice for dinner!

I’m so excited!


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