Day6.Dinner [warning-restricted food]


Yes! These spot prawns are rare in these parts. I had to have them! [UPDATED! SHELLFISH/CRUSTACEANS ARE RESTRICTED from SP cleanse. I’m forgiving myself because I’m human, these are delicious, and I didn’t know. πŸ˜‰ I went to see my acupuncturist and she told me to refrain from this food group.]

Brown rice “risotto” with fresh shucked favas and garlic, lemon thyme, chive spot prawns!

Risotto was made creamy with broth and a generous dallop of coconut cream. Cheese is restricted, so the saltiness and gooey yum needed an alternate ingredient. Coconut milk is sweet, but add a little salt and some garlic, it makes for a really nice variation of a classic dish.

Added ver jus to deglaze the spot prawns and simmered until cooked through. I love butter, but grapeseed oil was a great alternative.


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