Snack Attack

I’ve decided that I’m a snacker. The problem is that the chips, tortilla chips, wasabi peas, rice crackers, etc etc are all very processed and will probably exist when I do not. Since I paid to cleanse myself from these types of food, it’s pretty amazing to see how easy it is to just make them.

(I also pretend that while I chop and turn and walk around my kitchen, I’m burning off those calories I’ll be ingesting soon!)

This dish took about an hour in total to make and about 5 minutes to eat. I should slow down while eating, I know, but in actuality, with all that effort, I only made enough for one serving which I shared with my happy hubby.


Again with the chips?! Yup. I had hummus on the brain, but I only had lentils in the house. So, there it is. I’m a snack addict. I’m getting a little better at baking Japanese Sweet Potatoes, but you can see some more darker edges where the chips curled up and burned.

I blame the oven.


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