Day2. Dinner

I’m starting to look forward to dinners. That’s saying a lot because it’s all I ever think about, since my cleanse began. After a long work day, ride, feeling good or bad, “what’s for dinner?” becomes the pinnacle of the day. Home stretch means I muster up all that I still have inside and create for the eyes and stomach.

I guess I’m elated because some new recipes turned out OK. OK means: could’ve been better if I wasn’t starving and forcing cooking time. It was tasty, but could’ve been better.


This is my attempt at Tortilla Soup without tortillas! I’m restricted from processed foods, so chips are out of the question. I also have to omit cheese, which is OK by me for this soup.

Thankfully, avocados are ok because it sort of melts in your mouth and is a nice contrast in consistency to the chicken.


This is my attempt at baked Japanese Sweet Potato chips. There is ground chipotle and sea salt mixed with a splash of grapeseed oil coating them. They were a little soft because I couldn’t wait to eat them. I’m not very good at baking, so some were getting burned and others were a bit soft in the middle.

My shakes for breakfast and lunch are also not visually satisfying, either. I almost want to add alcohol and garnishes to everything! Hmmmm. Idea! Sadly, I can’t drink either.


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