First Day, lunch

Ughh. I already want a restart!

I notice it is noon and my hair appointment isn’t over. Today’s much needed color and cut is taking a bit longer than I hoped.

I have nothing to snack and I am not familiar with this area.

Me: starving and still getting my hair blown dry. I try to plan me next move. Should I eat a salad at the cafe next door? Should I drive home and make lunch there? The drive home is at least 40 minutes. Oh! I forgot I need to take supplements and those are at home. So, maybe it’s best to eat now?

When I’m hungry, I’m not good at making good choices.

This is what happened next.
1. Paid for hair cut and left salon.
2. Walked into cafe next door and assessed food and seating. It was too breezy to eat outside, but too crowded to eat inside. I wanted salad with either beets, fish or chicken (all agreeable to my cleanse) but the portions I saw around me were huge!
3. Left cafe.
4. Got in car and drove toward home.
5. Made the decision to get a veggie juice BEFORE buying anything to eat. When starving, the worst thing is grocery shopping.
6. Parked and went in store.
7. Entered at the far end of the store and made the mistake going toward the prepared foods. This is where I lose all focus.

-grab a premade kale salad. wait, are those sunflower seeds? can I eat that?
-put back kale salad.
-oh! taboulleh! that’s really green looking! looks good- grab container of fresh taboulleh.
-mmm . need some more veggies. – go to produce section.. but wait, the seafood counter looks good today! is that trout? yum. whole fresh trout for dinner!
-but need something now! protein! yes. get fillets of herring packed in oil. -read package: natural source of Omega-something! perfect!

8. pay for 1 whole trout, can of herring and 1/2 pint of taboulleh. really?! what was I thinking?

Driving home; realize, I don’t actually know what is “in” taboulleh. Pick up the package from the passenger seat. Bulger! Crap. That’s wheat. Can’t eat it.

Get home: look in diet pamphlet. no smoked foods. Crap. Wince as I read the herring package: Naturally Smoked! There goes the herring.

I’m useless.

Luckily I have a giant avocado, a container of baby arugula and cherry tomatoes. I am torn about eating the herring because in my hunger-induced frenzy, I’ve already opened the tin. I decide that it’s fish, provides good oils and it will be OK just THIS ONCE!

I eat my 7-pill supplements with some cold chai tea left over from my breakfast shake and inhale my salad.

Now, back to work while feeling slightly guilty about the smoked fish.


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