Picking up the Spring Cleanse Kit

Today I will be picking up my SP Complete cleanse kit. This is my second year of doing the cleanse and though it’s challenges are many, I learn a lot and want to document this process this year.

I have fairly poor recall so, the recipes I make, or fail to make, are important for me to write down. This process is also a bit emotional. Mostly because my husband is not doing the cleanse and is a constant “snacker”, which tempts me to stray from my diet plan.

One of the goals of the detox is to remove a lot of foods from a persons diet to really cleanse the body. The diet includes supplements and protein shakes and forces you to eat a LOT of veggies (mostly raw but cooked as well) and whole foods and no red meat. I never cooked with lentils before and I learned to make them at least 4 different ways last year. I also learned how to use whey and chia seeds to supplement and balance my fiber. If that sounds sort of weird or out there, hey. Big changes require new vocabulary! And new foods! My biggest excitement is how to create new recipes within these constraints.

This diet restricts processed foods, condiments/sauces, nuts, beans, soy, dairy, red meat.. *sigh*, alcohol and coffee. (The last three being the hardest for me!)

Words of advice to myself as I go through a month of this: try your hardest and remember, it’s just 4 weeks! 1 month of your life dedicated to figuring out your body’s nutritional needs. You can do it!! (jump for joy and actual smile!) And you will enjoy these foods again later, but you won’t crave them!


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