Vintage bar cart remodel

There’s something very “lazy Sunday” about this photo: laundry drying on the line outside and a well-stocked bar! (This bar is staged by Husband who won’t let us have a drink from the cart until we have a party!) Before and after! Typically, you go to the dump to get rid of things.. however, Husband found this wrought iron vintage bar cart and thought it was super cool. I probably would have just ignored it thinking it was too much to restore, but he brought it home as a fun side project. After a good power-wash and drying, it was … Continue reading Vintage bar cart remodel

The Subway Tile Conspiracy

We embarked on a subway tile revamp in our kitchen. It wasn’t because of the trendy nature of using a classic look to brighten up an outdated kitchen; it stemmed from our need for a properly vented kitchen rather than using the homes current microwave / air recirculation unit. We never use a microwave and the type of cuisine I cook requires an exhaust to keep the house from smelling like curry paste or spaghetti sauce at 3am. It’s 900 cfm or bust! The stainless steel backsplash that came with the original design seemed workable, but upon removing the cabinets … Continue reading The Subway Tile Conspiracy

We bought a house!

Like we weren’t busy enough.. but we purchased a home here in the Santa Cruz mountains a few months ago and are just doing some minor renovations! The “bonus room” needed some brightening up and focus. Brown painted walls and purple stripes on the vertical boards didn’t help the nice wood floor pop. My husband prooved he was a carpenter at heart by cutting the baseboard and fitting it to the wall. What we guessed would take a day, took three to fully caulk the raw room. The ceilings were needing Zinsser, a shellac sealant, which if not used, allows … Continue reading We bought a house!


We have a new addition to our small company. His name is Oscar. His mom is really good at making jello. Here it is. We only had a serrated knife.. Some people believed it to a colored carnation flower inside but it’s jello injected into set jello. Reminds me of art glass, but you can eat this. White is leche (milk) and the rest was a bit like mild blueberry. Continue reading Jell-o.

UC Santa Cruz Arboretum

Last weekend I celebrated my and my birthday (April Fool’s) and my mother’s upcoming birthday with a fun weekend in Santa Cruz. Lately, I’ve been riding in Wilder Ranch, so I’ve noticed all the wildflowers, poppies, and wild irises flourishing on the hillsides. I thought, “This is the perfect and BEST time to visit the UC Arboretum.” I’ve never been there but my mom and her long-time boyfriend have only once, but on a dreary, non-blooming part of the year. (irises along the hills in Wilder Ranch) Let me say, wow! I really found it fascinating and much bigger than … Continue reading UC Santa Cruz Arboretum

Planning without Google..

Do you see the little reservoir? Remember that because we will be there the next day. :) I take google mapping for granted. I like using Strava to plan rides. I totally didn’t think about how if I didn’t have access to Google maps, how challenging it would be to find a mountain trail. Silly me. The roads up Moganshan lead up to a top peak area where hotels, stone buildings, restaurants and beautiful siteseeing spots lie. Once we dropped down to town, the area becomes more residential, less touristy, but with so much renovation and building, new roads sort … Continue reading Planning without Google..

Jet Lagging

I just got back to California from a bike show in Taipei. Meetings upon meetings, here are some pics of the city on my day off. Nature takes over.. The city of the scooter. Barista rock stars. I knew the Taiwanese took tea seriously, so when they decided coffee was delicious, they took that to the next level, too! The barista’s station is front and center next to the sushi chef station. (Cafe de Riz, Da’ an District, Taipei) Riding the MRT to the show every morning. One of my favorite things to do is to commute like a local. … Continue reading Jet Lagging


This is where I live: A little hidden chaparral Eden atop a mountain. The locals here are adamant about retaining their autonomy from the city proper and to some extent, are indicative of a lost way of living in this enclave south of Silicon Valley. A retreat for post dot com, cyber space software start-ups, the majority of new bloods are the types that will still tend crops and skin pigs, not unlike those who built hones before them. Continue reading Home